ELEKTRA – cables and wires

The cables and wires available in the offer of the Spanish company Top Cable and the British PX Cables are characterized by extraordinary care in the selection of materials used for their production. This was directly reflected in the excellent electrical and mechanical parameters achieved in this way, including, among others, greater temperature ranges or much better flexibility than the products of competing companies.

The offer includes, among others:

  • Fire-resistant and halogen-free cables
  • Power and signaling cables
  • Cables and wires for automation, robotics and control
  • Specialist cables: welding, powering wind turbine generators, laying in water, powering cranes, gantries and elevators, etc.
  • Medium and high voltage cables

Resin transformers

Our offer includes dry resin transformers with power up to 25 MVA and upper voltage up to 42 kV.

Oil transformers

The oil-filled transformers we offer are in the power range of 25kVA-40,000kVA for voltages up to 170kV.

Cables and wires

The offer includes cables and wires from the Spanish company Top Cable and the British company PX Cables.

Transformer stations and switching stations

MV/LV stations from Siemens, Abb, Schneider Electric and Ormazabal are a guarantee of the highest quality and functionality of our products.

Design services and execution

We offer comprehensive execution and modernization as well as implementation of tasks in the field of supply of high and low current power equipment and installations.

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